Creating Memorable Moments, One Guest At a Time.

An Overview

“Ignite your appetite and travel on a culinary voyage”

Welcome to a realm of dining and delight that transcends the ordinary, where every dish and sip is a symphony of flavours and an artful masterpiece. Aspect Hospitality invites you to escape into an immersive experience where food and drinks are redefined with elegance and style. Step into our world of culinary craftsmanship and exceptional service, where we raise the bar on luxury dining in Mumbai.
Aspect Hospitality was born to depart our guests into an immersive experience where food and drinks are redefined with elegance and style. Our creations have a quirky touch to help our diners escape the ordinary at Estella and Radio Bar, our pride which is a testament to what our vision for hospitality industry for India looks like.
Our unconventional food menu stretches from the rich timeless flavors of Australia to the hearty soulful blends of Asia. At Aspect Hospitality we bring forth a vibrant tapestry of culinary culture from across the globe to give you a dining exposure like never before. Our team of culinary artisans are constantly experimenting with different flavors and ingredients to give you dining experience like you have never experienced. We want our diners to gather for meals which are spread across courses and start conversations with the click of cocktails.


Aspect Hospitality is built on a vision to be India’s leaders in the hospitality domain and deliver a gastronomic experience that will teleport the diners to a new dimension.

We want to serve unique dishes from all around the world and transform the dining industry by transcending it to delivering experiences along with a wonderful blend of ingredients.


We are here to deliver exceptional quality food by growing from strength to strength with each of our restaurant by pushing boundaries and creating new milestones.


The greatest industries are built on upholding their values and we at Aspect Hospitality are true to our values:

• Offering delightful service
• Build trust among our dinners
• Being consistent at the core
• Delivering the finest quality food
• Continuously innovate and reinvent ourselves.

Team Size

We are a team of over 1200 strong people including our chefs, waiters, management and admin staff who strive relentlessly to serve you in the best possible way. Our team is our foundation of success and our reason for great pride as they work relentlessly to leave room for no error when it comes to serving you.
They are available to fulfill every minute needs of yours because your smile is our greatest rewards.

Sustainability measure

We cannot leave a legacy behind without caring about our limited resources for our future generations to come, hence, we at Aspect Hospitality take appropriate sustainability measures for a better tomorrow. Our ecological practices include using locally sourced construction materials, opting for energy efficient lighting, prioritizing extremely low carbon dioxide production, efficient energy management system and minimizing wastage of water. With an aim to provide employment opportunity and support the local economy we source all our raw materials locally from the vendors. We also try to use every bit of the ingredient to ensure the food is optimally utilized just like we try to achieve maximum natural lighting, we have also segregated our waste disposal between wet and dry waste. Our generated wastage is carefully monitored and managed by comparing the previous monthly waste generated by the current month, all our packaging items too are bio-degradable. We have also instilled a sense of compassion towards our environment among all our employees by upholding the values of sustainability. We also ourselves align with the government’s initiative of “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” by maintaining healthy working conditions and setting appropriate hygienic standards. We are here to deliver a one-of-a-kind dining experience to our guests by being in harmony with our natural resources.

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